Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MBGH Participating in TN's All Claims Database Development

 MBGH is a member of the Tennessee Health Information Committee which oversees the development of TN's all claims database in terms of information that is collected and information that is publicly reported.

Click here to read a report which summarizes why states are creating these all claims databases. Examples of how information from these databases can be used include:
  • Employers can begin to understand the variation in cost and utilization by geographic area within a state;
  • The value equation (cost & quality) of new health care services can be assessed;
  • The design and implementation of health reforms can be informed by data and data can be tracked to determine impact;
  • Compare prevalence of disease across populations;
  • Determine payer competitiveness;
  • Report on the cost and quality of individual providers. 
TN's all claims database is currently in the data collection process and the first public reports are expected in 2011. MBGH will keep your members informed as information becomes available.

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