Friday, February 26, 2010

MBGH Launches: Tobacco Cessation Benefits Tools & Solutions

MBGH launches its first Tools & Solutions center focusing on tobacco cessation benefits. Building off of our successful February 25, 2010 meeting, Smoking Cessation: The Purchaser Perspective, MBGH has created a web page dedicated to key information employers need to manage the cost & quality of their tobacco cessation benefits.Click here to access the web page.

Included on this web page are:
  • Presentations from the February 25, 2010 meeting
  • Purchaser's Guide: Summary Plan Description Language for tobacco use treatment
  • Partnership for Prevention Business Outreach Package on Tobacco Cessation
  • Employer Case Studies
  • Sample Policies
  • Publications
This site will evolve over time with new tools & solutions added as they are identified. Once our new website is launched, this information, as well as other information on other key benefit issues, will be available for our members/affiliates and supporters at the Patron level and above.

MBGH is committed to providing our members with current tools & solutions to manage the cost & quality of their health benefits in an ever-changing environment.


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