Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cut Cost by Reducing Hospital-Acquired Conditions: Sepsis & Pneumonia

Study results reported by Extending the Cure in The Archives of Internal Medicine indicate that patients that develop sepsis (a systemic response to infection) after surgey end up staying an extra 11 days in the hospital at an average cost of an additional $33,000. In addition, 20% of these patients die of the infection.

The study also found that patients that develop pneumonia after surgery, often due to a dirty ventialtor tube, stay in the hospital an extra 14 days and cost an additional $46,000. 11% of these patients die of the pneumonia.

According to Ramanan Laxminarayan, Ph.D., principal investigator, "In many cases, these conditions could have been avoided with better infection control in hospitals.” 

This study presents one more piece of evidence that improving the quality & safety in hospitals not only saves lives, but saves dollars as well.

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