Saturday, January 23, 2010

Health Care Reform Premium Impact

Although it looks like health reform is not moving forward in it current form for now (or maybe ever), it is still interesting to know what type of impact reform would have on premium costs. Wellpoint has calculated the impact of health reform on premium rates in 14 states where Wellpoint operates. Taking a look at Georgia, Kentucky & Missouri, the closest states to TN, may give us an idea of what TN could expect in the individual and small group (fully insured) market. Click here to access the detailed information.

Although the percent change is different in each state, there are common results: highest increases for younger/healthy individuals or small groups, substantial increases in average age/health individual market, and significant decreases for older/less healthy.

                             Younger/ Healthy     Average Age/ Average Health      Older/ Less Healthy

Individual                      130%                              72%                               -18% (decrease)

Small Employer                69%                              14%                               -38% (decrease)


Individual                       178%                            106%                              -17% (decrease)

Small Employer                 99%                              21%                              -39% (decrease)


Individual                        178%                           106%                              -17% (decrease)

Small Employer                  89%                             17%                              -26% (decrease)

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