Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Latest on How Employers Are Preparing (Reacting) to Health Reform

As the dust begins to settle on what actually was passed in health reform, employers are reacting and beginning to prepare to deal with what appears to lie ahead. Greatest concern is being voiced over extending dependent coverage to age 26; extending coverage to part-time employees that work 30 hours/week; caps on FSAs; and the elimination of tax deductability for Mediare Part D subsidies for retiree health plans and on lifetime and annual limits, all of which will increase employer costs.

But many say the version that passed is less onerous than previous versions with delays in implementation of controversial issues including the excise tax on "cadillac" plans and the inclusion of some positives in terms of payment & quality demonstrations. Plus, employers "dodged" the strong employer mandate that had been in the House bill.

In addition to all of these changes, and more, employers will take on additional administrative tasks, which, as we all know, end up costing employers significantly in compliance issues.

Read these two article to get a feel for how employers are preparing and reacting as the dust begins to settle.
Click here for "Employers Scamble to Catch Up with Health Reform's Immediate Impact" and here to read "Benefit Managers Eye Impact of Health Reforms".

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