Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MBGH is in DC This Week

MBGH is visiting the Hill to explain that poor transitions of care cost employers unnecessary dollars & result in poor quality of care for their employees/families. MBGH will also participate in NCQA's Press Conference releasing their latest State of Health Care Quality report. We will comment on the importance of health plan performance reporting, but stress that employers also expect improvement, which employer coalitions lead in Memphis & across the country.


  1. Made 7 calls today: 1 Senate; 6 House. Saw health reform protestors and a line of young staffers waiting to attend a hearing where Nicole Kidman was scheduled to testify. Everyone we talked to knew that improvements in transitions were important & appreciated the good work of National Transitions of Care Coalition.

  2. Found it somewhat comforting that improving transitions of care --- that point where one provider transfers care of a patient to another provider or where a patient goes home and is in charge of their own care -- was totally a-political. Both Democrats and Republicans could rally around this concept of improving care for their people. Helped me realize that although there is a lot of disagreement, much of which is valid, around health reform, there are certain aspects, including improving transitions, where there is no disagreement. So, we should be able to at least get this accomplished.

  3. Just finished the NCQA press conference on their 2009 State of Health Care Quality Report. Spoke to how MBGH & Memphis employers marry HEDIS results with our eValue8 project to hold health plans accountable and how we expect our health plans to ...work collaboratively to address delivery system issues...It was a great success and resounded with the national press.